(Lots of people ask me about these circle lenses, and they are also my favorite pair so I decided to do my first lens review on them!~)

Pinky Paradise - Princess Pinky Twilight ~ Blue $28.90

Comfort 4/5
They are decently comfortable on most occasions! Sometimes after prolonged wear these can “blur” and “shift” although overall they are comfortable and I can wear them for a full convention day (8+ hours.)

Color 5/5
These lenses are by far my favorite naturally colored lenses. They are very beautiful on any eye color, as I have seen brown eyes individuals with the same contact lenses before. The blue is very “icey” and opaque, and the yellow inner ring makes for an easier and more fluid transition to my green eyes.

Size 4/5
Personally, my natural iris is decently small, and these contacts DO cover them, although I feel that somebody with naturally larger irises may have difficulty wearing these. The diameter seems much smaller than that of a typical circle lens.

Overall 5/5
These are my favorite lenses for casual wear. They look natural, yet still very striking on my own eye color, and I think if worn by someone with dark eyes, such as the model on the website, the light blue and yellow inner ring would pop even more. These lenses are great.

May 03, 2014 - 5:31pm [4 months ago]

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